Two alumni smile at alumni event
Two alumni smile at alumni event
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MBA Jobs and Salary Potential


The Online MBA program at Albers stresses an ethical approach to doing business not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it makes good business sense for your career as well. The most ethical companies in the U.S. consistently outperform their competitors by between one and four percentage points.1 When you opt to pursue an ethically oriented MBA, jobs and careers in some of these successful, forward-thinking organizations could be well within reach.

Discover the hiring trends that can ensure you receive a strong return on your investment in the Online MBA from Albers, as well as the enticing salary premiums you might enjoy as you pursue careers with an MBA.

With an MBA, jobs are abundant.

Executives and hiring managers in all industries—and particularly at some of the most successful firms in the U.S. and the world—agree on one thing: Job candidates who possess an MBA are consistently desirable hires:2

85 percent of American companies intend to hire MBA graduates in the near term

Over 80 percent of companies across the healthcare, consulting, technology, energy/utilities, and manufacturing sectors have MBA graduates in their short-term hiring plans

96 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies plan to do the same

77% of startups do as well

The average MBA salary is impressive.

MBAs aren’t just desirable degrees for the numerous job opportunities that present themselves upon completion. They are also extremely valuable due to the impressive way in which graduates are compensated in their post-MBA jobs. The Online MBA from Albers helps you grow into the kind of confident, collaborative, and cross-functional leader who can capitalize on these lucrative roles.

See what impressive salary outcomes are possible across potential careers with an MBA:

$142,000 is the average MBA salary three years after completing the degree

$70,000 is the average increase in salary over those three years

$10,500 is the median signing bonus for new hires out of MBA programs

$105,000 is the median starting base salary for new hires with an MBA in the U.S.

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