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07 May

Careers and Networking at Albers: MSBA and MBA Jobs

Graduate school is a significant investment. If you’re a working professional considering returning to school for an advanced degree, chances are you are going to want to see evidence of a desirable ROI before taking the plunge and writing that first tuition check.

There is great news for prospective students of either the Online MBA or Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics: Albers graduates have a stellar track record of success at some of the most notable companies in the world, many of which are conveniently situated nearby in the Pacific Northwest.

Below, check out some key sectors in which Albers graduates established successful post-MBA careers and found desirable analytics jobs, and learn more about how Albers prepares you for success with opportunities to connect to our vibrant professional network.

SeattleU Careers&Networking

Not Just Analytics: Jobs in the Technology Sector

Seattle is rightfully known as a hotbed for innovative technology companies, home to both long-standing titans of the industry and more recent startups and spinoffs. It should come as no surprise, then, that Albers has a strong track record of placing graduates in desirable roles in the technology sector in positions ranging from data-driven analytics jobs to business roles more suited to those with an MBA.

Jobs in the technology sector achieved by Albers graduates include business program manager at Microsoft1 and manager of business analytics at Amazon,2 the two most venerable technology companies headquartered in the greater Seattle area. Albers graduates also have moved into leadership roles at other notable tech companies that are revolutionizing conventional industries. Netflix, disruptor of traditional channels of media production and distribution, employs Albers alumni in a variety of senior analytics jobs, as does Zillow, the online real estate giant.2

Careers That Soar: The Aerospace Industry

One of the most notable companies with extensive roots in the Pacific Northwest is the aeronautics giant Boeing, now headquartered in Chicago but which still maintains extensive R&D and production facilities in the greater Seattle area. Seattle University is proud to uphold a longstanding relationship with Boeing; the Boeing Alliance within the Seattle University Alumni Association works to connect Seattle U alums currently working at the company and to offer networking opportunities to the university’s undergraduate and graduate students.

Improving the Process: Logistics and Manufacturing Careers

Albers graduates also have found success in post-MBA careers in operations or logistics roles in companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. These include positions with companies such as Seattle-based logistics and freight forwarding giant Expeditors, as well as in logistics analyst and management roles at premier consumer products companies such as Nike.1

The single most frequently cited professional industry of employment by Albers MBA students is manufacturing, with 31 percent of Albers Professional MBA students reporting they work in the industry.1 The emphasis Albers’ business programs place on communication and collaboration-derived strategy serves its alumni well in these complex fields, where the ability to align people and processes into synergistic operation is vital to success.

Build Your Network and Grow Your Career With Albers

Seattle University and Albers are committed to positioning you to succeed professionally, whether by putting you in touch with the companies mentioned above or by providing you with the skills that will open doors to any role or field you desire. The learning management system utilized in our Online MBA and Online MSBA programs has been designed to emphasize networking, placing communication with your classmates and faculty right at your fingertips as you work through your online graduate program experience together.

And as an online business student, you’ll enjoy full access to the Albers Alumni Network to help you communicate with alumni and other current students and alert you to upcoming networking events. Apply today to Albers and tap into this powerful resource to advance your career.

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