MS in Business Analytics Jobs and Career Potential


By training to become a fluent and strategic data translator in the Online Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Seattle University, you will open the door to some of the hottest business analytics jobs on the market. The Online MSBA program prepares you to pivot into one of many desirable roles by offering the technical training to analyze data effectively and the communication and visualization skills necessary to lead your organization to act on it.

Hiring Trends for Business Analytics Jobs

Numerous roles across the field of business and data analytics rank among the most desirable jobs in the U.S. according to numerous career and hiring authorities, and the skills you will acquire in the Online MSBA program are some of the most marketable in contemporary business:

Machine learning engineer is the number one job in America, according to Indeed

27 percent projected growth for operating research analyst roles by 2026

52 percent of organizations intend to hire master's in business analytics graduates, as of 2018


Data Analytics Salary Potential

Analytics careers are not just plentiful; they are some of the best compensated jobs on the market. With the technical skills and communication-driven leadership potential you will develop in the Online MSBA program, you could find yourself in line for an extremely lucrative role, including:

$100,000 is median base salary for a data engineer

$94,100 is the average salary for analytics manager

$95,000 is the median base salary for data scientists with less than three years of experience

$131,389 is average base salary for all data scientist roles

$146,085 is the average base salary for a machine learning engineer

Albers MSBA Graduates Are on the Move

Albers’s MSBA students successfully transition into new career opportunities after graduation at a remarkable rate:9

Career success data reported from Albers MSBA graduates

Employers who embrace Albers’ MSBA graduates include:

Albers MSBA graduate employer logos


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