From Seattle University's 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog.
All undergraduate courses are 5 credits, unless otherwise noted.
Syllabi information is for reference only; information may not be current.

OPER 3600 Operations and Supply Chain Management

Introduces concepts in operations and supply chains such as operations strategy, service delivery, quality and process improvement, facility layout, inventory management, demand planning, global sourcing, sustainability, and project management. Student teams visit a local organization to assess support for business strategy provided by the operations and supply chain functions.

Prerequisite: MATH 1130 or 1334, ECON 2100, MKTG 3500 and advanced standing in the Albers School

OPER 3620 Managing Processes

Focuses on customer requirements and introduces tools available for improving manufacturing and service processes. Topics include process analysis tools, customer needs assessment, societal and ethical issues, customer interaction, quality function deployment, benchmarking, quality costs, statistical concepts in quality analysis and control, organization for quality, quality information systems, and motivational issues.

Prerequisite: OPER 3600, ECON 3100; MKTG 3500 recommended

OPER 4640 Supply Chain Management

Introduces concepts and tools required to manage the network of suppliers producing goods and services which are subsequently converted by the buying firm. Topics include supplier evaluation/selection, development and certification; logistics; partnering; technology; modeling; just-in-time purchasing; managing risk; inventory management; international issues. Student teams will visit local firms to analyze supply chain management practices.

Prerequisite: OPER 3600

OPER 4660 Project Management

Addresses the managerial concepts and technical tools required for evaluating, planning, managing, and controlling projects. Topics include strategic issues, project selection, risk analysis, work breakdown structures, PERT / CPM, resource management, conflict issues, project scheduling software, cost / schedule control systems, team-building, and matrix organization. Guest speakers from industry highlight implementation issues. Students apply course concepts to real and simulated projects.

Prerequisite: OPER 3600

OPER 3910, 4910 Special Topics Courses

See administrative office for prerequisites and course descriptions. (2 - 5 credits)

OPER 4940 International Study Tour: Accounting

The study of international operations in the context of a foreign country. Course will include travel to the country to observe activities and conditions and to meet with representatives of businesses and other institutions. Location of tour can vary. Check with the department for details.

OPER 4950 Internships

(0 - 5 credits)

For more about internships, visit the Placement Center

OPER 3960, 4960 Independent Study

Supervised individual exploration. Open to senior business majors with the approval of the student's adviser. Will not satisfy a major requirement. (1 - 5 credits)

OPER 4990 Directed Research

(1 - 5 credits)