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Student Guide 2020 Jones Idea Challenge

Coach Guide Jones Idea Challenge 2020


Jones Idea Challenge | Corporate Reverse Pitch


Our newest entrepreneurial competition, designed just for undergraduate students: solve a real company problem, work with a team coach, and compete for cash prizes.

  1. Companies pitch a problem on the theme of ’Tech for Social Impact’  in person on campus January 23rd.
  2. Teams of 1-3 students select a problem to solve and then work closely with a business coach to create an innovative solution.
  3. Teams will pitch back their solutions on February 28.
  4. Company Judges will award First Place ($2500), Second Place ($1500), and Third Place ($1000) Prizes! 


  • 1.19.20  Registration Deadline for Students
  • 1.23.20  Company Problem Pitch & Team Formation Event (6-8pm)
  • 2.28.20  Student Solution Pitch Event & Prize Awards (4-6pm)


JAN 23 | Companies pitch a problem to students (6-8pm)

  • Undergraduate students find ‘intra-preneurial’ solutions for problems that require innovative and creative thinking
  • Ex: “We need app users to upload photos of accessible routes to our AI database, and think we want to target friends and family of wheelchair users – what is the best way to reach this population and how should we focus our outreach?”

JAN 23 | Students select a problem and form teams (6-8pm)

  • Teams of 1-3 students
  • Companies may have several teams work on the project, or may not be selected by any teams.

JAN-FEB | Students work with a Team Coach to Ideate a Solution

  • Local professionals work closely to advise a team on their solution idea
  • Teams meet with weekly with coaches
  • Company representative is available to answer questions and provide additional information

FEB 28 | Team pitch back solution ideas to companies (4-6pm)

  • Each company provides one person for the judging panel
  • First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded based on the most impactful and realistic solution




  • Complete the company application form by January 10
  • One dedicated contact person for the project
  • Attend Jan 23 kickoff event (6-8pm) to present problem: 5min presentation (ppt slides recommended) and 5 min Q&A
  • Be available to answer team questions during the program (approx.. 30 min/week)
  • Serve as a Judge for Feb 28 team presentations (4-6pm)
  • Free for companies to participate
  • Connect directly with the best and brightest business students for recruiting, etc.

 Company Application Form


  • Register individually online by January 19 (use button below or click here)
  • Work with a team coach to create an early-stage solution for the company’s problem
  • Work alone or in a group of up to 3 students
  • Create a 10-minute presentation covering your solution idea
  • Attend company pitch event Jan. 23 (6-8pm) and final presentations Feb. 28 (4-6pm) on campus

Student Registration Form 



  • Work with a team of 1-3 students over five weeks (Jan 24-Feb 28)
  • Advise them on their plan, suggest resources, and provide guidance (about 1-2 hrs/wk)
  • Benefit from the support of a ‘Coach Lead’ who is available as a resource to you


Questions?! Email Amelia @


Amelia Marckworth

Amelia Marckworth

Interim Director