Instructional Resources Integrating Ignatian Pedagogy

A Tool to Integrate the Inspirational Paradigm


These instructional resources help teaching faculty integrate the Inspirational Paradigm into accounting courses in undergraduate and graduate programs; for introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels; and in financial, managerial/cost, systems, tax, audit, nonprofit, government, and ethics courses.

First, the searchable repository includes instructional materials from 1999-2020 published in Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting Education, and journals aggregated in IgnitEd. The materials focus on exploring the accountant’s role in social economy organizations (with objective functions beyond profit maximization, such as nonprofits, nongovernmental units, and certified B corporations, among others). We tag each instructional material based on their alignment with each of the five Ignatian Pedagogy Elements of Context-Experience-Reflection-Action-Evaluation. Activity types range from short exercises to case studies and service-learning projects. Journal names are linked to the articles. Filter by keyword or select from Ignatian Pedagogy elements, level, course, activity type, and program type. Full article access may require academic credentials to clear paywalls.

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Second, the supplemental toolkit is for faculty who have identified suitable instructional materials to adopt into a course, but would like to add discussion prompts, reifying activities, or learning linkages for missing elements in the Ignatian Pedagogy.

Ultimately, our aim is to serve faculty and students in their journey to “become instruments of mercy, [by] providing compassionate frameworks to understand the world and change it.”

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