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Celebrate 25 Years of Albers Study Tours!

In 1994, Sansepolco, Italy became one of the first destinations for an Albers Study Tour. Over the years, we have traveled the globe including trips to Asia, Central America, China, Europe, and south Asia. 

Join us September 4-8, 2019 during the famous Palio Festival to celebrate 25 years of international learning. We'll feast, learn and play while strengthening our alumni connections.

Interested? Please email Hartley McGrath at

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Join the Business Owners Alliance

The Seattle University Alumni Association is working with alumni volunteers to operate a Business Owners Alliance within the organization.  The Alliance is open to all SU alumni who own businesses or are proprietors of a non-profit organization. There are no restrictions on the size of the business or non-profit organization.

The goal of the group is to build a community of SU Alumni business owners.  The pillars used to achieve this goal are as follows:

1.  Provide value to SU Alumni business owners
Connect back to the faculty and staff at SU and the Albers School of Business & Economics, and hear from local experts in areas of interest to business owners (traffic management, real estate, development, taxes, etc.)

2. Mentorship of new SU entrepreneurs. 

Mentor other business owners regarding how to manage the challenges associated with business ownership. New entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be mentees to more experienced business owners.  

3. Peer to peer networking

Network with other local business owners that share the SU Commonality.  The hope is to promote business to business partnerships, think tanks that consider new ideas, and sharing of best management practices.

Interested? Become an official member of the group by activating your account on the online SU alumni directory, the SU Alumni Connect.  When you do so, select ‘Business Owners Alliance’ as a group of interest this will connect you with our communications and opportunities. 

If you have questions or suggestions for the group, email PJ Graziani at