What Do Accountants Do?

Accounting is the language of business. Accountants use accounting information to:

  • Provide assurance about the reliability of financial statements
  • Keep track of company revenue and expenses
  • Examine financial records for errors or fraud
  • Ensure regulatory laws and rules are followed
  • Determine pricing of products and services
  • Calculate the monetary value of companies
  • Implement new accounting and finance technologies and systems
  • Manage and mitigate financial risk
  • Prepare tax returns and statements

Why Seattle University?

The accounting program at Seattle University takes a three-pronged approach to accounting education:

  • A thorough and rigorous academic program of accounting studies in the classroom, with a strong grounding in computer applications
  • A broad mix of voluntary activities outside of the classroom designed to develop the student's skills in teamwork, leadership and communication
  • A conscientious perspective of business that is consistent with principles of social justice and ethics

Seattle University takes an active role in the placement of accounting students into their chosen profession by general exposure to the profession through the student accounting organizations – Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting internship program, formal career counseling and job placement services. The diverse faculty at Seattle University are comprised of teacher-scholars that conduct research with students and are committed to developing the student body into ethical professionals.

Seattle University also has a reputation for developing high quality students. Recently, Seattle University has been designated by the Institute of Internal Auditors as a "Center for Internal Auditing Excellence". In addition, one of our students, Kimberly Pugliese, was the recipient of the prestigious Elijah Watt Sells award which is given to students who are the top performers of the CPA exam.

Where Do Accounting Students Find Internships?

What Jobs Do Accounting Graduates Have?