Observe a Class

Accounting faculty Dr. Gabe Saucedo teaching

Observe a Grad Class at Albers

Sitting in on a class can give you a better idea of your prospective program's subject matter, learning and teaching styles, and student-professor interaction. 

Albers' graduate classes throughout Fall Quarter 2022 are face-to-face or online. Online classes are either synchronous or asynchronous:

  • Synchronous classes happen in real-time, with real-time interaction between students and teacher.
  • Asynchronous classes do not occur at the same time. These can take the form of pre-recorded video lessons, digital assignments, discussion boards, and other learning tasks that can be completed by students on their own. 

Below are current classes open to prospective students. All require arrangements made in advance. Simply click on the button below your desired class to learn more.