Inspired Curriculum By Design

Thoughtfully designed with courses grouped into five broad themes, our EMBA curriculum will expand your perspective through multidisciplinary and multi-industry exposure, as well as through coursework, reflection, rigorous application, and--unique among Executive MBA programs and top business schools--ongoing, dedicated one-on-one executive coaching. Detailed course descriptions can be found in our Graduate Catalog

Curriculum Overview

The first two quarters focus exclusively on personal leadership and the remaining four quarters are jam-packed with everything you need to be a well-rounded business person. It was completely integrated with our work as professionals; we were tasked with applying the concepts we were learning--both leadership and business--to our own environments, not a fictitious company or situation from a textbook.

Jessica Bishop, LEMBA '17 Senior Program Manager, Edifecs

What You Can Expect to Learn

Seattle University's tradition of educating the whole person means that the Leadership Executive MBA program delivers more than just the increased level of business acumen you'll find at top business schools. The rigorous instruction in core business concepts together with a highly personal exploration of leadership means you'll graduate with:

  • A deepened awareness and sense of yourself as an authentic leader.
  • Superior leadership acuity with the insight to influence and inspire others and orchestrate organizational change.
  • Strong knowledge and strategic perspective of business concepts and disciplines.
  • The ability to inquire/source quality information and synthesize knowledge via situational analysis and risk assessment.
  • Superior and integrative analytical competence in strategy and decision making.
  • The ability to lead with conscience, competence, and wisdom to impact both your community and the greater good.

Leadership EMBA Program

Ranked #23 Nationally

The top-ranked program in the Northwest 11 years running