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Albers Graduate Programs Advising is dedicated to the academic, professional and personal development of students. Our goal is to help students achieve success.

Albers Graduate Advising Services

  • Educate students about university programs, policies, and procedures
  • Help students create tailored academic plans to meet program requirements and achieve career goals
  • Assist with registration procedures, Registrar documents and processing, academic program management
  • Provide resources for students to engage in a meaningful and holistic graduate school experience
  • Offer opportunities to network and build community
  • Offer assistance when challenges arise
  • Support career development and assist with vocational discernment with regard to academic program

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Albers Career Services

  • Albers Placement Center - The Albers Placement Center provides opportunities to bring students together with the business community. The APC provides job search preparation assistance, information on internship opportunities, employment resources, and programs that bring the business community to campus. Our goal is to assist the students and alumni of the Albers School of Business and Economics to take control of their career development and job placement activities.
  • Albers Mentor Program - Coordinated by the Albers Placement Center, the Albers Mentor Program is highly acclaimed by the business community and our students. It is a unique opportunity for graduate-level and senior undergraduate students to work with upper level executives from leading Puget Sound businesses. It offers opportunities to develop business contacts, access industry information, and gain valuable insights from experienced and successful professionals.
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  • To make a Graduate Student Career Advising Appointment contact Justin Dolce at 206-296-2184 or email

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