Executive Education Faculty & Staff


Executive Education Staff

Photo of David W. Arnesen, JD

David W. Arnesen, JD

JD, Business Law, Seattle University School of Law
BA, Economics, University of Washington

Professor, Marketing

Phone: 206-296-5727

Building/Room: Pigott 520

Photo of Joseph Barnes

Joseph Barnes

Masters, California State University, Hayward
Bachelor's, California State University, Sacramento

Senior Instructor, Marketing

Phone: 206-296-4399

Photo of Steve Brilling, MBA

Steve Brilling, MBA

MBA, Washington State University
BS, Business Administration, Washington State University

Adjunct, Executive Education

Photo of Peter Brous, PhD

Peter Brous, PhD

PhD, Finance, University of Oregon
BS, Finance, University of Connecticut

Professor, Finance

Phone: 206-296-6495

Building/Room: Pigott 525

Photo of Niranjan 'Chips' Chipalkatti, PhD

Niranjan 'Chips' Chipalkatti, PhD

PhD, University of Massachusetts
BComm, University of Bombay
ACA, India

Chair, Dept. of Accounting
Professor, Accounting
Program Director, MPAC

Phone: 206-296-5764

Building/Room: Pigott 515B

Photo of Jennifer Chunn, MS

Jennifer Chunn, MS

MS, Statistics, University of Washington
BS, Magna Cum Laude, Biometry and Statistics, Cornell University.

Adjunct, Executive Education

Photo of Marc Cohen, PhD

Marc Cohen, PhD

PhD, Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Humanities (history of philosophy), University of Chicago
MA, Art History, Northwestern University
BA, Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania

Associate Professor, Management
Program Director, PMBA

Phone: 206-296-2399

Building/Room: Pigott 402

Photo of John Dienhart, PhD

John Dienhart, PhD

PhD, Ethics, University of Illinois at Urbana
AM, Philosophy, University of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana
BA, Philosophy, Roosevelt University

Professor Emeritus, Management
Former Boeing Frank Shrontz Chair of Professional Ethics

Photo of Holly Slay Ferraro, PhD

Holly Slay Ferraro, PhD

PhD, Organizational Behavior, University of Maryland - College Park
MA, Human Resource Development, Western Michigan University
BChE, Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton
BS, Interdisciplinary Science, Wilberforce University

Program Director, Professional MBA
Associate Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5719

Building/Room: Pigott 428

Photo of Terry Foster, JD

Terry Foster, JD

JD, Seattle University
MBA, Seattle University
BA, German, University of Oregon

Associate Professor, Marketing

Phone: 206-296-5721

Building/Room: Pigott 422

Photo of Marilyn Gist, PhD

Marilyn Gist, PhD

PhD, University of Maryland at College Park
MBA, University of Maryland at College Park
BA, Howard University

Professor Emerita, Management

Photo of Marinilka Kimbro, PhD

Marinilka Kimbro, PhD

PhD, Accounting with minor in International Business, University of Maryland
Faculty Fellowship, CIBER, University of Antwerp, Belgium
BBA, Inter-American University of Puerto Rico

Associate Professor, Accounting

Phone: 206-296-5716

Building/Room: Pigott 505

Photo of Sharon Lobel, PhD

Sharon Lobel, PhD

PhD, Management, Harvard University
MA, Social Psychology, Harvard University
BA, Psychology/Sociology, Brandeis University

Professor Emerita, Management
Adjunct, Executive Education

Photo of Greg Magnan, PhD

Greg Magnan, PhD

PhD, Production/Operations Management, Michigan State University
MBA, Management Science, Michigan State University
BA, Financial Administration, Michigan State University

Professor, Marketing

Phone: 206-296-6466

Building/Room: Pigott 420

Photo of Rubiná Mahsud, PhD

Rubiná Mahsud, PhD

PhD, SUNY, Albany
MPh, SUNY, Albany
MS, Social Sciences, University of Birmingham
MD, Jinnah College, Pakistan

Associate Professor, Management
Director, International Business Program

Phone: 206-296-2015

Building/Room: Pigott 429

Photo of Mary S. Petersen

Mary S. Petersen

JD, University of Washington School of Law
BA, Society and Justice

Vice President and University Counsel
Adjunct, Executive Education

Phone: (206) 296-6163

Photo of Madhu Rao, PhD

Madhu Rao, PhD

PhD, Information Systems and International Business, Indiana University
ME, Systems and Information, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
Masters, Management Studies, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
MSc, Chemistry with Honors, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India

Associate Dean
Associate Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-6006

Building/Room: Pigott 314

Photo of Meenakshi Rishi, PhD

Meenakshi Rishi, PhD

PhD, Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MA, Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
BA, Economics, Delhi University, New Delhi, India

Professor, Economics
Director, International Development Internship Program
Eva Albers Professor, 2016-2019

Phone: 206-296-2078

Building/Room: Pigott 518

Photo of Jeffery Smith, PhD

Jeffery Smith, PhD

PhD, Moral and Political Philosophy, University of Minnesota
MA, University of Minnesota
BA, University of Minnesota

Professor, Management
Boeing Frank Shrontz Chair of Professional Ethics

Phone: 206-296-5714

Building/Room: Pigott 419

Photo of Robert Spencer, MUS

Robert Spencer, MUS

MUS, Portland State University
BS, Portland State University

Adjunct, Management
Adjunct, Executive Education

Phone: 206-605-8294

Photo of Erin Vernon, PhD

Erin Vernon, PhD

PhD, Economics, University of Washington
MA, Economics, University of Washington
BA, Finance and Computer Applications, University of Notre Dame

Assistant Professor, Economics

Phone: 206-296-2073

Building/Room: Pigott 522


Executive Education Staff 

Photo of Ariel A. Rosemond, MBA

Ariel A. Rosemond, MBA

Leadership Executive MBA, Seattle University
Executive Leadership Certificate, Seattle University
BS, Excelsior College.

Associate Director, Center for Leadership Formation

Phone: 206-296-5374

Building/Room: PIGT 327

Photo of Kathleen McGill, MBA

Kathleen McGill, MBA

MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
BS, Santa Clara University

Manager, Executive Programs Outreach

Phone: (206) 296-2529

Building/Room: Pigott 321

Photo of Lorri J. Sheffer

Lorri J. Sheffer

BA, Communications, University of Washington

Programs Manager

Phone: 206-296-2575

Building/Room: Pigott 327

I got to interact with so many great faculty. They all took an active interest not just in me but in every member of our cohort. Universally, the quality of instruction was as good as it possibly could be.

Keith Boyd, LEMBA '18 Director of Business Programs, Microsoft

Every single one of the faculty was absolutely stellar. I enjoyed being in their classes, they were incredible teachers, highly effective facilitators, and truly inspiring role models.

Anne Hirsch, ELP '17, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UW School of Nursing