Majed Al Sorour headshotMajed Al Sorour, BABA '02 and MPA '04, is a worldwide businessman and entrepreneur with a reputation for identifying performance potential in businesses across a broad spectrum of sectors: in sports, technology, energy, engineering, and insurance. A former pro soccer player for the Al Nassr Football Club, he is deputy chairman and CEO of Golf Saudi, the organization behind LIV Golf. As this issue closed, LIV Golf just completed its inaugural season. 

LIV Golf's stated mission is 'to modernize and supercharge the game of professional golf through expanded opportunities for both players and fans alike.' What particular areas of golf as we know it need to be changed?

Golf's massive untapped potential is at odds with its aging demographics. We believe that it's time to reimagine the game's format and presentation in order to attract new generations and demographics. From team golf to fan experience to more compelling production, LIV is committed to the global growth of the game. 

Is it possible for LIV's vision of golf to co-exist with that of the PGA?

LIV has been designed to be additive to the existing golf ecosystem. Nobody owns the game of golf, so we'll gladly continue to lead the game into the future. Fans and players should be able to enjoy both. 

How do you see the impact of LIV on golf globally?

LIV was deliberately designed as a magnet for a new generation of golf fans -- not just in America -- but the world over. LIV represents the future of golf because we will forge an emotional connection with our fans through team golf and a compelling, modern presentation of a sport with massive untapped potential globally. LIV has disrupted the golf landscape in record time. LIV is here to stay — for the good of the game.  

How Diverse is Golf in America?

Percentage of female golf professionals*
97 cents
Amount earned by female golf professionals* for every $1 earned by male counterparts
Percentage of Black golf professionals*

Data from Zippia
*Individuals working in golf, not pro tour players

Did you anticipate this level of controversy when you launched LIV?

Disruption is disruptive, so we suspected that the establishment might construe LIV as a threat and pull out all the stops to impede our progress. It's a shame they behaved like so many disrupted incumbents instead of adapting for the sake of the game, players, and fans. 

What are the lessons you've learned in launching and building LIV that you could share with fellow disruptors?

Doubters seek to discourage the courageous. Do what winners do and do not be deterred by those unable to see what you see.

Photo of Cameron Smith courtesy of LIV Golf

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