International Business

From Seattle University's 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog.
All undergraduate courses are 5 credits, unless otherwise noted.
Syllabi information is for reference only; information may not be current.

INBU 3200 Global Environment of Business

Introduces the major factors (legal/political, economic, competitive, socio-cultural, technological, and natural) in the global environment and examines their individual and interrelated effects on organizational and managerial practices. Provides a framework for understanding organizational action within an increasingly global environment.

Prerequisite: Advanced standing in the Albers School.

INBU 4860 International Management

Develops understanding of how various business principles, particularly those developed in the United States, apply in diverse international settings. Students will learn the role national culture plays in shaping organizational practices.

Prerequisite: MGMT 3800

INBU 4880 China: Its Role in Global Business

This course is geared toward students who want to learn about the reality of China as a business opportunity as well as a threat, together with China’s state of market development. The study topics include: China’s competitive environment, China’s rapid development, affects in the physical environment, the role of the state, the challenge for the government, development of infrastructure, state owned enterprises, privatized and corporatized companies, the competitive advantage of Chinese companies, competencies for foreign companies to succeed, foreign direct investment into China, outward China investment, branding in China, and the intellectual property challenge.

INBU 4890 Global Strategy

Global Strategy involves the interpreting of externalities in the global political and economic environments. It requires the identification and tracking of emergent trends and the matching with internal resources to identify what scope exists to bring about competitive advantage.

Prerequisite: Completed at least three of the following functional area course: INBU 4860, BLAW 4760, FINC 4460, MKTG 4560, ECON 4720. Majors/minors only.

INBU 4910 Special Topics Courses

See administrative office for prerequisites and course descriptions. (2 - 5 credits)

INBU 4940 International Study Tour: International Business

An exploration of international management issues or other special topics related to the specific destination of the study tour. The course will include travel to a foreign country to observe business practices and examine indigenous management problems, to meet with representatives of local businesses and other institutions. Locations of tour can vary. Check with the department for details.

INBU 4950 Internships

(1 - 5 credits)

For more about internships, visit the Placement Center

INBU 4960 Independent Study

(1 - 5 credits)

INBU 4990 Directed Research

(1 - 5 credits)