Fiona Robertson

Posted by Joseph Phillips, Jr. on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 10:02 AM PDT

Dr. Fiona Robertson is retiring from Seattle University this year after 27 years of service. She has always been known as a high energy and demanding professor and has been a favorite instructor of many students over the years.  She frequently taught the courses in financial markets and institutions and risk management.  As a teacher, Fiona was one of the first in Albers to incorporate service learning into her classes since she could see how it aligned with the SU mission.

Since 2006, Fiona has served as Chair of the Department of Finance and presided over several US News and World Report Top 25 rankings and the establishment of distinctive programs such as the Redhawk Fund, in which students manage over $450,000 of university endowment funds. The position of department chair is not an easy one, as the chair has to represent the department to the dean and the dean to the department, and Fiona has done a fine job of striking a good balance between the two.  I really appreciate her willingness to take on this role for the past eight and half years!  Her service has not just been limited to her role as department chair, but over the years she has been very active in the Colleagues program and in representing Albers in the NAEF Scholarship process.

Fiona is known among our faculty and staff as a very supportive colleague, one always willing to pitch in where needed.  She's also known as someone who is very unselfish and focused on what is best for the school and university, not what is best for her.  As a result, Fiona has had a lot of influence on the school -- when Fiona speaks, people listen to it very seriously, including the dean! :}

Congratulations to Fiona on her 27 years of dedicated service to SU and Albers.  Through the many students she has taught, she has created an impressive legacy to take pride in. She will be dearly missed by her colleagues in Albers and around the SU campus.