Meeting Summary for October 8, 2019

October 8, 2019

Fr. Steve provided the reflection.

FY20 Budget Update: VP and CFO Wilson Garone presented the Cabinet with an update on the FY20 budget. The budget timeline, approval dates, and principles were reviewed. In advance of the November Board meeting, this information will be updated and finalized in late October.

Cabinet Deans Meeting Debrief: The Cabinet discussed at length the Murdock Charitable Trust data which was provided during the Leading Through Change conference in late September. The dissemination of the data is significant in how it informs the work of the university. Irina Voloshin, from Institutional Research, and Bob Duniway will continue to review the 60 plus data points.

Updates: The Cabinet did not have time for Updates and other agenda items not addressed will be brought forth at a later meeting.