Meeting Summary for March 3, 2020

March 3, 2020

Melore Nielsen provided the reflection, reading a student essay titled “The Kiss”. 

Coronavirus Update: The Cabinet had an in-depth discussion regarding the university’s response to COVID-19. Alvin Sturdivant and Tara Hicks, the director of the Student Health Center, are the point persons in continued monitoring. A meeting was held on Friday, Feb 28 with various stakeholders from across campus. Discussion followed on distance learning (ITS capabilities), cleaning/disinfecting, travel, communications, faculty and staff working remotely, etc. Given the continual changes and updates from the Washington State Dept. of Health, CDC and WHO, the university will continue to update the website with information and FAQ’s. 

President’s Forum: Fr Sundborg reviewed the President’s Forum (March 5) program. 

Jesuits West Higher Ed Meeting: Fr Steve reported on the presidents and board chairs meeting of the five Jesuits West universities held at LMU. Seattle U will host a meeting in September of the presidents, board chairs, provosts, CMO’s, and rectors from the five institutions.

Budget Advisory Group: The BAG will meet on Thursday, March 5 to begin reviewing senior division budget repositions. The Cabinet meeting on March 17 will be a budget review to discuss proposed recommendations. 

HR Hiring Trends: Michelle Clements updated the Cabinet on the importance of hiring managers to be doing their due diligence on references, managing work performance and expectations.  

Updates: Educating for Justice program is today, March 3 at 12:30 p.m.  The Uncommon Tour campaign events in Tacoma and Bellevue were successful; trips to San Francisco and Spokane are scheduled for later in March and early April. A director of procurement has been hired and begins March 30; the URec director has also been hired. Strategic Directions Communications and Financial Repositioning website improvements continue.