Meeting Summary for June 30, 2020

June 30, 2020

Reflection: Scott McClellan provided the reflection, reading a NYT column by Jamelle Bouie titled, “Beyond White Fragility.” 

FY21 Check-In: CFO Wilson Garone reviewed a slide deck outlining an update on the FY21 budget, including a recap on the spending plan approved by the Board of Trustees. 

Return to Work Template: As members of the university community begin to consider the return to work, either in person or continuing remotely, university leaders will be asked to complete a spreadsheet on each person’s plan and agreement for returning to work with dates and relative details. 

Unite Here: EVP Tim Leary reported to the Cabinet that a number of people had been asked to support a fundraising initiative by Unite Here related to the food service personnel with Chartwells. There is a lack of clarity as to how the donated dollars would be disbursed to workers through the local union; the university continues to be updated by Chartwells as to its workforce return date and protocols. 

Updates: The Cabinet was updated on the HR team.