Meeting Summary for June 16, 2020

June 16, 2020

Reflection: Chris Van Liew provided the reflection, reading two poems written by college students, including My Faith by Jasmine Yip from Oakes College. 

Workforce Survey Results: Michelle Clements and Matt Philip (Assoc. VP for HR) shared the findings from the Return to Work survey completed by faculty and staff as well as the key takeaways from 20 interviews conducted with various campus leaders. The results will help to inform the return to work timeline and process. Clear from both is the desire for clear guidelines as faculty, staff and students return to campus. 

June 18 Retreat: The Cabinet discussed the agenda for the June 18 retreat that has been shortened to a three-hour afternoon session. The planning group will finalize the agenda on Wednesday which will include time to consider the impact of Black Lives Matter and the call to action for the university. Natasha Martin will write a letter to campus on the significance of Juneteenth, including resources for educating ourselves on the history and impact of slavery. The importance of the Supreme Court LGBTQ+ ruling will also be highlighted. 

Updates: The Faculty Staff Appreciation message went out to the campus community; those celebrating milestones are receiving their gift cards this week. Honored Staff and Emeriti will receive their recognition awards later this summer. The Presidential Search Committee met on Monday; the search is going as planned with little impact from Covid-19. Enrollment update: 889 confirmed FTIC. There are 150 students (down from 700+) that have not vacated their rooms since the students departed campus. Fr. Steve expressed his appreciation to the Cabinet for the work that has been done over these challenging few months.