Meeting Summary for February 18, 2020

February 18, 2020

Anne Moran provided the reflection reading Rudyard Kipling’s poem, IF. 

Board of Trustee Meeting Debrief: The Cabinet debriefed the Trustee meeting. The meeting went well and the sessions were well prepared. It was a full agenda with not enough time in the second Executive Session for more discussion among trustees. 

Listening Session – Open Forum: The Provost, EVP, CFO and VPHR will lead the Listening Session scheduled for 12:30-1:30 p.m. today (Tues., Feb 18). The focus will be on the FY21 budget process and strategic planning. The next open forum will be the President’s Forum on Thursday, March 5. 

Cabinet & Deans Feb. 24 Meeting: The Cabinet and Deans meeting will focus on three areas: the financial repositioning (and 5-year plan); recap of the listening session and strategic planning council meeting; and the communications/change initiative. Michelle Clements, Alvin Sturdivant and Kristen Swanson are finalizing the agenda. 

Strategic Planning Council: The SPC meets on Wednesday, Feb 19. The meeting will include a review of the strategic planning working group initiatives. 

Budget Advisory Group: The BAG continues to meet. The key planning dates were reviewed for the Board’s end of April budget approval. 

Updates: Fr. Steve, Shane Martin, Michael Podlin and others will be in LA later this week for the Uncommon Tour, meeting with alumni from Southern California. Spring Quarter registration is going well for students on the new IT platform. The closure of Concordia College in Oregon raised questions as to how SU might help students who are being displaced. The visiting peer review team completed the College of Nursing accreditation site visit. Maguire and Associates will be on campus in early March. Dance Marathon was successful over with strong participation.