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Meeting Summary for March 26, 2019

March 26, 2019

Mary Petersen provided the reflection. 

FY20 Budget Process: The Cabinet discussed the ongoing work of the budget subcommittee, pleased with the level of deep cross-divisional conversations that are taking place. Di Di Galligar, Assistant Provost for Business and Faculty Administration, joined the subcommittee. The group will continue to meet until Day 2 of Budget Deliberations (April 15) with the intent of continuing this strategic work for FY21.

EAB Forum Update: Marilyn Crone debriefed the Cabinet on her attendance at the EAB Enrollment Management Forum in Chicago. Melore Nielsen, Dean of Admissions, attended as well. Of note, the anticipated high school graduation rate peaking in 2025 followed by a projected decline between 2026-2029 of 14% nationwide. The Pacific Northwest has stronger high school enrollment than the national average, potentially resulting in an 11% decline in graduation rates during that timeframe. Discussion followed.

Board of Trustees Retreat Agenda Review: Fr. Sundborg shared the proposed agenda for the May 8-9 Board Retreat.


  • The Cabinet noted the excellent RedTalk given on Thursday by Professor Holly Ferraro from Albers.
  • The CFO search continues with a finalized position profile expected in the coming days.
  • The Ellucian insourcing with ITS continues to go well.
  • Strategic Planning Steering Group work and Task Forces continue. Cabinet will have an in-depth discussion on Strategic Planning on April 9.
  • The 2019 President’s Report is published and will be distributed.