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Meeting Summary for April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019

Bob Dullea provided the reflection. 

Strategic Planning Discussion: The Cabinet had a listening session with several members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee focused on key issues and priorities the Cabinet sees for the Strategic Plan. Secondly, the Cabinet was asked to share any issues or direction the campus may not be in consensus.

College Student Inventory: Michelle Etchart and Joelle Pretty provided the Cabinet with a report from the College Student Inventory (CSI), which was administered to incoming freshman in the early Fall 2018 prior to their arrival on campus. There were 526 students (or 47% of the incoming class) who responded. Of the identified top 10 areas in which students perceive the need for assistance, five of the top 10 relate to career development; three of the 10 are about community and a sense of belonging; and two relate to academics. The survey also helps to identify at risk students who might need additional support as they begin their college career. The survey provides individual reports that are shared with advisors and can be used to inform a student’s academic plan.

External Affairs: The Cabinet discussed the possibility of shifting the VP for Marketing Communication’s focus more externally/outward facing in order to address the need for a stronger way in which the university connects, has outreach, links, and engages with outside opportunities and relationships. Further exploration will be done as to the possibilities for this change.


  • The President’s Forum is May 7.
  • The Cabinet thanked Natasha Martin for the successful work related to Mission Day. A debrief will be given after the survey results are compiled.