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All students are responsible for knowing the policies and procedures that apply to graduate student life. Included below are references to policies, resources, and forms that are most commonly accessed by graduate students. Not all university or college policies are included in the table or links below. Program policies supplement and complement university and college policies.

College of Education Policies

There are a few policies that apply only to College of Education students. You will find them listed below:

Seattle University Policies

A general resource for finding both academic and non-academic policies.

Academic Policies - Redhawk Service Center

Most instructional policies, forms, and procedures can be located on Redhawk Axis, which serves as a combined resource for the Offices of the Registrar and Operations and Student Financial Services.  From this site, you can find academic calendars and policies and procedures related to academic integrity, FERPA, registration, withdrawal, grading, and financial aid.

Student Leaves of Absence (SLOA) & Withdrawals (Policy 2014-01)

Student Leaves of Absence

The College acknowledges that life may require a natural interruption of studies. Students may take a Student Leave of Absence (SLOA) for up to four quarters. Additional requests beyond four quarters are handled individually on a case-by-case basis by the associate dean. Students meet first with their faculty advisor in to complete the SLOA Request Form. Although the advisor need not sign, additional signatures may be required (e.g., if the student is receiving financial aid or scholarships, etc.). The associate dean must approve of any SLOA request. To return, students must notify their faculty advisor and associate dean to reenroll at SU prior to the start of the quarter.


Students may complete the Withdrawal Request form if they intend to depart with no intent to return. Although no one from the College needs to sign the form, additional signatures may be required (e.g., if the student is receiving financial aid or scholarships, etc.). Students will not have access to financial aid, registration, housing, and other campus services.

Administrative Withdrawal

Graduate students who do not register for three consecutive academic terms (excluding summer) by the census date of the third term may be administratively withdrawn by the Office of the Registrar. Students who are administratively withdrawn must apply for readmission.

Hardship Withdrawals (Policy 2004-07)

A Hardship Withdrawal allows students to withdraw from one or more classes in a given term, and results in the assignment of an HW grade. Hardship Withdrawals are reviewed for approval by the Associate Dean in situations in which one or more of the following has occurred: (1) incapacitating illness or injury to the student, (2) a catastrophic event involving the student (3) catastrophic illness in the immediate family or (4) death of an immediate family member.


Students should first discuss the impact of a withdrawal from courses with their faculty advisor. Next, the student should reach out to the associate dean to initiate a request.

To consider a HW, the associate dean requires a written statement from the student, the completed HW Request Form, Hardship Withdrawal Authorization to Release Information form, and Health Care Statement in Support of Student’s Request for Hardship Withdrawal form. The HW Authorization to Release and Heath Care Statement forms are downloadable in one PDF. Both the approval of the College of Education Associate Dean and the Dean of Students  are required.

Refund of Tuition and Fees (Policy 75-09)

There is a separate tuition refund process that is available through student financial services. Refunds are based on normal refund schedule for each quarter. Students can appeal this for the following reasons: three days of hospitalization, death in immediate family and on a case-by-case basis. Students communicate directly with Student Financial Services to petition for the refund; the College of Education does not control that process.

Policies & Forms by Topic

Please see the Fillable Forms Instructions for instructions on how to complete the forms. For e-signatures, see How to Create E-Signatures on PDF Forms


Policy Links & Resources

Form(s) (if relevant)


Student Code of Conduct

Dean of Students

Code of Student Conduct


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity (2011-3)


Professional Conduct in Field Experiences

Professional Conduct: Appeal Procedures (2011-2)


Sexual Misconduct & Title IX

Sexual Misconduct Resources

Office of Institutional Equity





Degree Completion

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements (75-1)


Change of Major / Update Catalog Year


Change of Major, Degree, or Specialization Fillable

To update your catalog year, contact your advisor.

Probation & Dismissal

Academic Probation Dismissal Appeal GR (2005-3) - SU

COE Probation Dismissal

   (the COE process outlines COE appeal-specific processes)


Graduation & Commencement

Graduation & Commencement

Commencement with Deficiencies (83-1)

Attend Commencement with Deficiencies Fillable Request Form

Graduation Update Notification

Disability Accommodations

Office of Institutional Equity

Disabilities Services

Section 504




Academic Grading Grievance (2004-7)

N Grade and Q Grades Statute of Limitations (75-19)

Incomplete Grades (97-3)

For grade change requests or extension, including changing grading type, see your instructor or faculty advisor.

Late Add


Registration Change - Petition to the Dean Fillable Form (current quarter late add)

For past quarter add, contact your instructor or advisor.

Late Drop / Withdrawal



Late Drop - Petition to the Dean Fillable Form

Withdrawal Request Fillable Form

For all late drops for current or past quarters, or withdrawals for past quarters, contact your advisor. For all withdrawals for the current quarter, graduate students can withdraw on their own through SUOnline.

Transfer of Credits

Transfer Policy (77-1)

Grades of Courses Acceptable for Transfer (75-5)

To request a transfer of credits, see your advisor.

Petition for Exception to Policy Fillable Form

Repeated Courses

Repeated Courses (77-2)


Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment at Two Institutions (75-6)

Dual Enrollment Request Fillable Form

Course Time Conflict


Registration Change - Petition to the Dean Fillable Form

Credit Loads

Credit Load Maximum (2001-2)

Registration Change - Petition to the Dean Fillable Form

Independent Study, Directed Study, Internships

Directed Study/Independent Study (78-1)

Independent Study, Directed Study or Internship Fillable Request Form

Leave & Withdrawal

Leave of Absence

Student Leave of Absence (2014-1)

To request a leave of absence, see your advisor.

Student Leave of Absence Fillable Form


Withdrawal (75-22)

Refunds of Tuition and Fees (75-9)

Withdrawal Request Fillable Form

Withdrawal - Hardship

Hardship Withdrawal (2012-2)

Refunds of Tuition and Fees (75-9)

To begin the hardship withdrawal process, see your advisor.

Withdrawal Request Fillable Form

Records & Reference Requests


Student Records

FERPA Annual Notice to Students

FERPA Guidelines (76-9)

Student Data Requests (83-2)

Data Requests for Information

Reference Letter Request

Education Record: Permission To Release

Inspect-and-Review-Educational-Records-Request Form

Enrollment Verification Request Fillable Form

Special Request Fillable Form

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