Degree Requirements

Program of Study - MEd and MA

Students in the Student Development Administration (SDA) Masters program have the option of two degree programs: the Master of Arts (MA) or the Master of Education (MEd). Both degrees require 51 credits for graduation. The Master of Arts option allows students to take three credits of electives in addition to completing an independent graduate project. The Master of Education option allows students to take six credits of electives. The graduate project is not required with the MEd option.


PART I: College of Education Required Courses (9 credits)

  • EDUC 5000 Introduction to Research and Graduate Study* 
  • EDUC 5130 Adult Learning
  • EDUC 5200 Social Justice in Professional Practice

*Recommended completion within first 18 credits.

PART II: SDA Required Courses (36-39 Credits**)

  • COUN 5xxx A Counseling Course
  • SDAD           A Leadership Course 
  • EDUC 5150 Multicultural Perspectives
  • SDAD 5300 Foundations of the Student Affairs Profession*
  • SDAD 5400 Student Development Theory, Research and Practice
  • SDAD 5590 The American Community College
  • SDAD 5640 Internship in SDA I
  • SDAD 5650 Internship in SDA II
  • SDAD 5660 Internship in SDA III
  • SDAD 5750 Best Practices in Student Services
  • SDAD 5760 Leadership and Governance in Post-Secondary Education
  • SDAD 5800 Higher Education Law
  • SDAD 5900 Student Development Capstone Seminar
  • SDAD 5990 Student Development Graduate Project (MA only) 

*Recommended completion within first 18 credits.

**The MEd degree requires 36 credits in this category. The MA requires 39 credits in this category. SDAD 5990, Student Development Graduate Project, is required for The Master of Arts.

PART III: SDA Elective Courses (3-6 Credits***)

  • AEDT 5630 Instructional Methods for Adult Learners
  • COUN 5100 Fundamental Counseling Skills
  • COUN 5120 Career Counseling/Information Services
  • EDUC 5300 Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC 5910 Special Topics in Education
  • COUN 5170 Group Counseling-Theories and Practice
  • MBA 5100 Leadership Skills and Team Development
  • MGMT 5710 Adventure-based Leadership Seminar
  • SDAD 5810 History of Higher Education
  • SDAD 5840 Comparative Educational and Social Policy 
  • SDAD 5850 Higher Education Finance
  • SDAD 5910 Special Topics in SDAD

***The MEd degree requires 6 credits in this category. The MA requires 3 credits in this category.

Other electives may be substituted with Advisor's approval.