Student Resources

Academic Advising

Students enrolled in programs at the College of Education as primarily supported by faculty advisors. Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor. Students are responsible for learning about program and degree requirements, availing themselves of available university resources, and tracking their own progress, amongst other responsibilities. Faculty advisors are responsible for supporting the success of their advisee. Typical advisor responsibilities include approving a student’s academic program of study, providing program information, clarifying program requirements, policies, and procedures, assisting in identifying appropriate resources, and upholding the high academic standards of their program and the institution. Students should contact their program’s administrative assistant if they need support identifying their faculty advisor. Students with concerns regarding academic advising should contact the associate dean for academic and student services; contact information is included below.

Program Resources

To learn more about program and degree requirements, access your program's handbook. Each program typically posts handbooks on the program's website. You can also get a copy by contacting assigned faculty advisors or the program administrative assistant for your program.

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Services

Beyond academic advising provided by faculty, the associate dean also supports students. These support areas include academic integrity and student code of conduct processes, grade grievances, registrar functions (including special records requests, course scheduling, student adding, dropping, waitlists, and most matters relating to petitions for exception to policy) and student activities. As the College’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator, the associate dean supports the implementation of accommodations within the College by serving as a resource for both students and faculty. Finally, the associate dean also supports the resolution of student concerns or complaints.

Associate Dean Office Hours & Appointments

The Associate Dean is available to meet throughout the academic year. Please click on the link above. If no times work for your schedule or the matter is urgent, please contact the Associate Dean directly.


Photo of Brendon K. Taga, PhD, JD

Brendon K. Taga, PhD, JD

PhD, Learning Sciences & Human Development, University of Washington
JD, Seattle University
MEd, Adult Education & Training, Seattle University
BA, History, University of Pennsylvania

Associate Dean, Academic and Student Services
Assistant Clinical Professor
ADA Coordinator, College of Education
Certification Officer

Phone: (206) 296-2687

Building/Room: Loyola 503