Independent Study

How much work is required per credit?

A minimum of 30 clock hours. A log is to be submitted verifying this.

How often must meetings with a faculty sponsor take place?

There is no maximum, but typically there is a minimum of three: planning, progress reporting, and final reporting. The nature of the study will determine how many additional meetings will be necessary.

How is approval obtained?

First, review the idea generally with your program advisor. Then identify a faculty sponsor (who may be your advisor or any other appropriate SU faculty member.) Prepare a specific proposal for approval by your sponsor and your advisor with a copy of each.

What must the proposal contain?

In 1-4 pages, include the following: 

  • A clear statement of the topic(s) to be studied;
  • A rationale for the study, i.e. how it will contribute to the growth;
  • A tentative calendar for completion, including a plan for meetings with your sponsor;
  • Works to be read, persons to be interviewed, etc.;
  • Brief description of the end product; and
  • Credit expected—with justification.

What needs to be submitted for registration?

Please submit the following to your sponsoring faculty member:

  • Proposal approved by sponsoring faculty member

How do I get registered in the independent study and how long does it take?

  • Submit the forms above to the faculty member sponsoring your independent study. The forms will be forwarded to the Associate Dean for approval signature. Once signed it will be forwarded to the registrar for processing.
  • The registrar will manually process the form and it will appear on your schedule. 
  • This process normally takes about 2 weeks.