Practicum and Internship

A practicum and internship are both required to complete the EdS degree. Students must first be approved for candidacy to enroll in a practicum.


A candidacy review occurs the quarter after a student has completed 20 credits. Faculty review academic progress and personal competencies (using the School Psychology Faculty Evaluation of Personal Competencies form). This form is provided during SPSY 501 Introduction to School Psychology and in the Student Handbook.

Candidates are assessed in every course throughout the program via papers, in-class writing assignments, written and oral test reviews, and written exams, as well as direct observation of skills; audio and video tapes of counseling sessions and assessments with volunteers; write-ups of student-facilitated consultation sessions; poster sessions; and reports on evaluation results and intervention recommendations.


The three practicum experiences are distinct from the internship and are designed as a field-based orientation to school psychology. The practicum sequence includes focused mentoring in behavioral interventions, assessment for special education, and consultation.

Practicum orients students to the culture of the public school, to general and special education, and to the specific role and functions of the school psychologist. The practicum is a developmental experience that begins with indirect experiences (e.g., shadowing and observing the site supervisor deliver school psychological services) and ends with direct delivery of school psychological services under supervision.

For important information about practicum, see the 2022-23 SPSY Practicum Handbook.


School Psychology Interns will complete a full time, 1200-hour internship over the period of an academic year, or half time over a period of two years (1200 hours total) under the combined supervision of the agency/school district supervisor and the university supervisor.

During the fall quarter prior to internship, students will need to submit a “Request for Internship Placement” (provided in the Internship Handbook) to the Internship Coordinator. Final approval to start internship is granted at the end of the summer quarter prior to the internship year if the following requirements are met:

  • completion of all coursework, including the practicum
  • a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • grades of B or higher in three assessment courses (SPSY 5640 Individual Educational Assessment, SPSY 5660 Individual Intellectual Assessment, SPSY 5670 Personality and Behavior Assessment)
  • ratings of at least “satisfactory” on the Faculty Evaluation of Personal Competencies form completed prior to internship

For important information about internship, see the 2022-23 SPSY Internship Handbook.