Middle College High School

Loyola Hall, home to Seattle University’s College of Education, also houses an innovative, alternative high school aimed at students who seek a small setting to complete their high school graduation requirements and prepare for future success.

Middle College High School at Seattle University is administered by the Seattle Public Schools to serve students between ages 16 and 20, with a special focus on meeting the educational needs and investing in the youth of the Seattle University Youth Initiative neighborhood.

It’s a partnership with many benefits. Seattle University students and College of Education faculty put theory and research into practice under the same roof. Education students involved in many of the College’s master’s programs, including Masters in Teaching, School Counseling, and School Psychology, apply what they've learned in their nearby classrooms. High school students are introduced to an enriching and supportive college environment on a campus focused on educating the whole person. High school teachers receive professional development opportunities and help with the development of innovative curriculum. Reinforcing these goals is the shared vision of Seattle University and Middle College High School to provide social justice and education to underserved students.

Students attend Middle College High School because they want to graduate even though challenges at home or in a traditional high school may have prevented them from reaching that goal. As MCHS instructor Beth Brunton explains:

“They have a spark. They have never been told they can succeed and many are first generation high school graduates. They are extraordinary young people who, with a little help, can do extraordinary things.”