Faculty and Staff

Photo of Ted Kalmus, MPA

Ted Kalmus, MPA

MPA, University of Washington
BA, English, Vassar College

Program Director, Educational Administration (EDAD)
Instructor, Educational Administration (EDAD)

Phone: (206) 296-5798

Building/Room: Loyola 415


Photo of Genet Yadetta

Genet Yadetta

Senior Program Administrative Assistant
Adult Education and Training (AEDT), Educational Administration (EDAD), Educational Leadership (EDLR), School Psychology (SPSY), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Phone: (206) 296-6139

Building/Room: Loyola 508

Photo of Colette Taylor, EdD

Colette Taylor, EdD

EdD, Educational Leadership, Policy and Foundations, University of Florida
MA, Counselor Education, University of Florida
BS, Psychology, University of Flordia

Director, Center for Social Transformation and Leadership
Program Director, Educational Leadership (EDLR)
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLR)

Phone: (206) 296-6061

Building/Room: Loyola 405

Photo of Stacey E. Robbins, EdD

Stacey E. Robbins, EdD

DEd, Adult Learning and Leadership, Columbia University
MEd, Adult Learning and Leadership, Columbia University
MST, Secondary English Education, Fordham
BA, English Language and Literature, University of Michigan

Program Director, Adult Education and Training (AEDT)
Assistant Professor, Adult Education and Training (AEDT)

Phone: (206) 220-8257

Building/Room: Loyola 409