Professional Education Advisory Board

The Program is fortunate to have a state-mandated Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB), composed of practicing school psychologists, school psychology and special education administrators, university faculty and student members who collaborate on a wide variety of issues related to the School Psychology Program. The PEAB participates in decisions related to the development, implementation, and revision of the program. In this way competencies of program graduates continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our schools and communities.

Name Organization / Role
Robin Arnold WSASP Representative
Ashley Burchett

WSASP Representative

Michaela Clancy

WASA Representative

Kimberly Jones

AWSP Representative

Maria Elisabeth King

WSASP Representative

Courtney McCready

WSASP Representative

Ian Milne

WEA Representative

Tammy Pantoja

Student Representative

Maya Smith

WSASP Representative
Ashli D. Tyre

University Representative