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Get involved, stay connected and consider supporting scholarships, programs and initiatives that provide an exceptional and bright future for College of Education students.

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Your Connection

Your connection to the College of Education is a life-long relationship. As a graduate of the College of Education, you are part of a network of more than 12,000 professionals who are leaders and educators in the U.S. and abroad. We encourage you to get involved, stay connected and consider supporting scholarships, programs and initiatives that enrich the student experience and the communities they impact.

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Stay Connected

Please update your contact information to ensure that you are included in our event invitations and communications. We look forward to reengaging with you! 

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Share Your Personal and Professional News  

We know you are doing extraordinary work, and we want to hear from you! Please share your news and accomplishments with us at so that we can include you in College of Education and Seattle University news. 

Get Involved

Each year the College of Education and our graduate programs host events for alumni, students, and the community. Check with your program to see if there are ways to volunteer your time or services to enrich the experience of our students. Here are just a few ways to be involved:

  • Be a mentor
  • Guest lecturer in a class
  • Offer an internship
  • Refer a prospective student
  • Assist with fundraising  
  • Join an advisory board or focus group
  • Supervise interns
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Represent your program at a college fair

Impacting the Student Experience

The following scholarships are funded thanks to our generous donors.

  • College of Education Annual Scholarship
  • College of Education Student Financial Emergency Fund
  • Kenneth R. Hill Scholarship
  • Halimo Ahmed Maie Scholarship
  • Michelle Jordan Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Karyn and Paul Pasquier "Finding Wings to Fly" Endowed Scholarship Fund - Education
  • Judy and Floyd Rogers Endowed Scholarship in STEM Education
  • Weaver & Willing Endowed Scholarship in Adult Education & Training
  • Guest & Beisse Endowed Scholarship in School Psychology
  • Diane and Gary Buckley Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education
  • Burke Family Catholic Education Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education General Endowed Scholarship
  • COE Endowed Scholarship for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Feeney Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Carol E. Gazarek Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education
  • Growdon Family Endowed Scholarship in Secondary Education
  • Sharon E. and Otis C. Gillaspie Endowed Scholarship in Education
  • Joseph and Margaret "Peg" Haggerty Endowed Scholarship in Education
  • JWT Endowed Scholarship
  • John Morford Leadership Endowment Fund
  • Eileen Scallon Evans Endowed Scholarship for Teacher Education
  • Michael Silver Endowed Scholarship in Educational Administration
  • Dr. Jeremy Stringer SDA Endowed Scholarship
  • Thomas and Anne Kelleher Scholarship in the College of Education
  • Tonelli-Busato Brunstrom-Laito Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Roy Patrick Wahle Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Pulliam Family Endowed Scholarship
  • College of Education Counseling Program Scholarship
  • William J. Codd, S.J. Memorial Scholarship
  • Dorothy Krueger Endowed Scholarship
  • William McCleary Education Scholarship
  • Mary C. Pirrung Scholarship
  • MIT Diversity Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Schumacher Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Sue A. Schmitt Scholarship Fund
  • Growdon Family Endowed Scholarship 

Stay Connected

We’re here to help you stay connected or learn more about giving.