Scholarships and Financial Aid

Unlock scholarships and grants at Seattle University for your path to affordable education and financial support opportunities.

Financial Aid and Federal Funding

Student Financial Services (SFS) is the central department that manages tuition bills, fees, scholarships and loans. For questions regarding scholarships, federal funding or financial aid, please contact student financial services directly.

Student Financial Services

For more information on International student financial planning and scholarships, visit the International Student Center.

International Student Center


There are two main ways that you can be considered for scholarships as a College of Education program applicant.  

  1. You can be considered for a Seattle University Graduate Scholarship at the time of admissions 
  2. You can review scholarship opportunities on ScholarshipUniverse once you have been admitted 

Seattle University Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Admissions Scholarships are awarded at the time of admission based on the strength of your application and your potential contributions to your program. This is your first opportunity to be considered for a scholarship at Seattle University. There is nothing you need to do in addition to your application requirements to be considered for these scholarships as every applicant is considered at the time of admission. International students qualify for these scholarships as they do not require a FAFSA or WASFA. 

Awarding Process

You will know that you have been awarded a Graduate Admission Scholarship because it will be listed on your admission letter. Graduate Admissions Scholarships are prorated between your terms of enrollment and may be renewable for up to the terms necessary to complete your degree based upon your continuous, full-time enrollment and meeting the satisfactory academic progress requirements for your program. 

Tips for Securing a Seattle University Graduate Scholarship 

Make sure your application is submitted by your program’s priority application deadline and all of your admission materials have been received. Including any recommendation forms. You can review priority application deadlines per program here. 


The second way to apply for scholarships at Seattle University is through the ScholarshipUniverse platform. After you have been admitted to a College of Education program and set up your Seattle University credentials, you will be able to login with your SU credentials to ScholarshipUniverse and search for and apply for both institutional and outside scholarships. 

If you do not secure a scholarship in your first year as a student, there will still be opportunities each year you are enrolled.

Awarding Process

Awards are typically made in the Spring of each year. Applicants and current students will be reminded by e-mail of upcoming scholarship application deadlines. Currently enrolled students can also search for and apply for scholarships through ScholarshipUniverse each year they are enrolled in their program. Scholarships listed in ScholarshipUniverse have varying deadlines so make sure to begin your search as early as possible. 

Tips for Securing a Scholarship Through ScholarshipUniverse 

Students will be considered for any scholarship for which they meet the basic criteria and can receive multiple scholarships. Make sure you answer as many questions as possible in your ScholarshipUniverse profile. This will narrow down your search results so that the scholarships you are shown are ones that you will qualify for based on your profile. 

Please make sure that “if” you qualify you have a current FAFSA or WASFA on file at Seattle University. The university uses these documents to determine financial need and therefore you will not qualify for need-based scholarships unless we have a current FAFSA or WASFA on file. If you are ineligible for the FAFSA or WASFA, you will not qualify for need-based scholarships but can be considered for merit-based scholarships. (As a note Graduate Student typically do not qualify for financial aid through submitting a FAFSA or WASFA, the purpose of asking for these documents is to determine financial need and not to qualify for loans.) 

Contact Student Financial Services

If you have detailed questions regarding eligibility for scholarship, please contact Student Financial Services (SFS) by using the information below. 

Vi Hilbert Hall