Program of Study

The Seattle University Educational Administration’s Theory of Action makes it unique among its peers, and creates the framework for a curriculum designed as an Inquiry into the Service of Leadership:

  • We frontload context & scholarship, with a focus on critical theory, educational justice, instructional leadership and community engagement
  • We partner applied learning with reflective practice, self understanding and advanced leadership study
  • We work to build an expanding management toolbox
  • We operate as a cohort, to establish a model network of professional learning & support


Graduate students in the EDAD program may pursue a Masters in Educational Administration (46 credits) and/or a post-masters Principal's Certification or Program Administrator's Certification (37 credits). The core program is designed to be completed within a cohort over four to five quarters, but may be spread over two years to meet individual circumstances.

Spring Quarter Prior (3-6 credits)

Students accepted into the EDAD program have the option of taking 1-2 classes prior to the program’s formal launch in the Summer Program. Taking at least one spring class (EDAD 5009) is recommended to reduce student course load during the internship.

  • EDAD 5009 Instructional Leadership (offered each spring)
  • Elective (optional for Spring)

Summer Quarter (10 credits)

  • EDAD 5000 Leadership for Social Justice
  • EDAD 5010 Community Based Leadership
  • EDAD 5044 Community Based Internship
  • Elective

Fall Quarter (7 credits)

  • EDAD 5031 Proseminar I
  • EDAD 5041 Leadership Internship I
  • EDAD 5013 Teaching, Learning & Data

Winter Quarter (7 credits)

  • EDAD 5032 Proseminar II
  • EDAD 5042 Leadership Internship II
  • EDAD 5014 Law, Policy & Data

Spring Quarter (7 credits)

  • EDAD 5033 Proseminar II
  • EDAD 5043 Leadership Internship II
  • EDAD 5012 Team Building & Organizational Development

Additional Requirements for M.Ed Candidates:

  • Elective 
  • Research based elective course
  • EDAD 5990 Capstone