Keven Wynkoop has been the Principal of Middle College High School since 2022. Prior to joining the MCHS team. He is the former principal at Ballard High School and a long-time administrator and educator in Seattle Public Schools. Contact:

Steve Miranda, MCHS Humanities teacher, studied journalism at James Madison University and earned a Master’s degree in Teaching at Antioch University in Seattle. He has worked as a teacher and administrator in Seattle since 1999.

Catherine Matson became a Science teacher to empower students to engage confidently with science, so that they will have the tools to pursue their dreams, have healthier and happier lives, to explore nature, and to slow the rate of climate change. Before she earned my Masters in Teaching, she worked in the fields of Marine Biology, Climate Science, and Pacific Northwest Ecology. Her hope for her students is that they will always stay curious about themselves, our community, and our world.

Matt Palmer, As a high school student in 1998, Matthew Palmer started his Math education career as a tutor for Green River Community College. After completing his bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Washington, Matt worked in several industries before earning his teaching certificate. For nearly a decade, he worked as a full-time tutor and a private school teacher. Matt joined SPS in January of 2019. He has three children, and his hobbies include gaming, cooking, playing music, and reading.

Shmuel Rubinstein, MCHS Social Studies teacher, has been working in the field of education since 1998. Over the years, he has taught in New York City, Israel, Honduras, and Seattle. He has a Masters in Secondary Education from Queens College CUNY, and an endorsement to teach ELL from Seattle University.

Soladoye Oyelowo, the High School Graduation Success Coordinator, is a graduate from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in sculpture and works in the field of conflict management. Soladoye works with his student body on relations between staff, students, and guardians to insure a step-by-step process towards graduation and a smooth transition to a college education.