Learning Outcomes

The Educational Administration program learning outcomes are aligned with the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NELP) Standards. The Standards are foundational to all levels of educational leadership and were redeveloped in 2015 with a stronger, clearer emphasis on students and student learning, outlining foundational principles of leadership to help ensure that each child is well-educated and prepared for the 21st century. The Standards reflect a positive approach to leadership that is optimistic, emphasizes development and strengths, and focuses on human potential. 

In addition, the curriculum and portfolio design of the EDAD program is informed by the Association of Washington State Principal’s (AWSP’s) School Leader Paradigm that models the important interplay between theory and applied practice, and elevates problems of practice as critical tools for ongoing learning and leadership.

Program Benefits

Students graduate from our Educational Administration programs with:

  • A broad understanding of leadership and a clear picture of themselves as leaders
  • A powerful background in critical theory, instructional leadership and community engagement
  • An expansive management toolbox
  • A career-long network of professional learning & support
  • An exemplary portfolio with which to pursue their professional goals