Candidacy and Graduation

As a student, you become a candidate for the counseling degree after:

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 20 credits of your program, including EDUC 5000, COUN 5100, and COUN 5110; and
  • Approval by the counseling faculty of your general academic and interpersonal functioning using the criteria in the Personal and Professional Competencies document.

Successful completion of the coursework means that you have maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. The faculty assessment of your non-academic performance is based on your initial skills, emotional stability and interpersonal skills necessary to serve effectively as a counselor. After a faculty review (which generally occur during the first three weeks of each quarter), you will be notified of candidacy status via email and letter.

If approved, it is then your responsibility to complete the Candidacy Form and schedule an appointment with your advisor. At the meeting, you and your advisor will discuss:

  • your progress to date;
  • your plans for completing a degree program;
  • your plan to start practicum and internship (you will sign up for practicum and internship on the practicum/internship board during this meeting); and
  • the Personal and Professional Competencies document.

Please review the handbooks for additional important information about candidacy.

Candidacy Forms: