What our Alumni are Saying

"Seattle University's MIT program is even more that I thought it would be, both personally and academically. Within the first quarter, I spent time in two high schools and a middle school. It was incredible!" –Tennille Baileykaze, MIT '08

"Special Education classes have helped me adjust my teaching to fit every student." – Gary Lai, MIT '06

"Today was the day I have been working toward for over a year. I walked into my very own classroom today as a teacher! Of course, I was nervous, but I truly felt like I was well-prepared for the challenge. Because of [the MIT faculty], I have the tools I will need to be successful in my career!" – Kandi Fields, MIT '08

Why Our Students Choose SU

"SU's MIT program has an exceptional reputation and is well respected throughout the region. Many of the outstanding teachers I have had the privilege of meeting give credit for their success and effectiveness to the education and training they received through programs offered at S.U. On a personal note, I found the information sessions extremely informative, the staff friendly, resourceful, and accessible, and the overall campus environment to be warm and welcoming. Taking everything into account I knew S.U. was the place for me." – Kia Himstead

"I had two friends who completed the program and spoke very highly of S.U. I also was interested in attending a small private school in order to develop closer relationships with faculty and other cohort members." – Kirsten Phillips

"I was drawn to SU's social justice principals. I appreciated SU's goals to enroll students with a background in social and political justice as well as previous experience." – Emma Klein

"I decided to enroll in S.U.'s MIT program because of the reputation SU has in the state. – Blake Stevens

"After researching multiple other schools, SU, I think, will offer me the most hands-on, personalized, developed program!" – Holland Fleming

"The MIT program has a strong reputation for excellence, which drew me to it. The availability of CE modules to complete endorsement requirements for the program also made it appealing." – Lauren Kayda

"I enrolled at SU because I was impressed with their academic reputation and feel connected with their Jesuit mission statement of helping to form ethical teachers grounded in justice and multiculturalism." – Jeana Greco

"I feel that SU can offer the individual attention and community atmosphere that I am looking for in a graduate program." – Adam McDonald

"This program has a large portion of time spent in classrooms, which I value as part of training. It also has one of the highest placement rates for graduates." – Alexis Nast

"After talking to MIT alum and program faculty, I thought SU was the best fit. It had everything I was looking for and a mission to work with underserved youth, which was paramount for me." – Melissa Gaffney

"I have only heard positive things about SU's MIT program, and I want to be a part of that!" – Tina Pulliam