ELL Endorsement Academy

Next cohort starts Fall Quarter 2024

The online English Language Learners (ELL) Endorsement Academy consists of eight classes that meet in virtual, synchronous sessions twice a week in the evenings, with additional asynchronous work throughout the week. Our classes are developed with teacher's schedules in mind. 

This program helps Washington state teachers regardless of where they live prepare for the required WEST-E exam, offering a rigorous and affordable pathway to earning an ELL endorsement. Teachers can apply their learning in the classroom immediately and adjust their techniques as the academy progresses.

Brought to you by the College of Education's office of Professional & Continuing Education, courses are taught by expert practitioners including certified current and former classroom teachers from a variety of Washington school districts. Seattle University faculty oversee the courses to ensure that the materials and teaching are current and relevant.

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Endorsement Academy Instructors

Nancy Yi-Cline, Ed.D 

Nancy Yi-Cline serves as an ELL specialist in Seattle Public Schools and holds a Doctor of Education degree in Language, Literacy, & Culture. As an experienced language teacher, Nancy has worked with EFL/ELL students of all ages and proficiency levels in public and private schools in the U.S. and abroad. Nancy also has years of experience as a teacher educator and coach in teacher preparation, ELL endorsement programs, district novice teacher support programs, and multilingual education departments. Nancy believes in meaningful, engaging, and culturally sustaining pedagogy, and seeks effective instructional strategies to help students develop language, literacy, and critical thinking skills. Nancy is an advocate for plurilingual-culturalism and work to promote equitable education for all students.

Ellen Strickland Kaje, Ph.D 

Ellen Kaje currently serves as Director of Categorical Programs and Academic Support for Shoreline Public Schools. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2009. Her research looks at how elementary classroom teachers engage culturally and linguistically diverse learners within the academic discourse. Ellen worked with English learners in K-12 schools since 1994, starting her teaching career in San Francisco, CA. She has since taught language learners in Helsinki, Finland, Highline and Northshore School Districts and joined Shoreline as a district administrator in 2007. Ellen served on Washington State’s Bilingual Education Advisory Committee (BEAC) from 2004-2012, acting as Chair for two years. She has since served on various other state level work groups and committees, including most recently the Committee of Practitioners, advising OSPI around issues pertaining to implementation of ESSA. Ellen's most recent work with English learners focuses on the development and implementation of Shoreline’s Dual Language Program.

Julie Kang, Ph.D

Dr. Julie Kang is an innovative, collaborative and dedicated faculty member with almost 30 years of teaching and leadership experience. As an inspiring, and equity driven leader with an extensive understanding of both academic and community demands, she works closely with educational leaders and experts in the field to expand high quality education to non-traditional students at Seattle University. Dr. Kang started her teaching career as a bilingual teacher in Los Angeles in 1994. Growing up, she did not see any teachers who looked like her, so it was important for her to diversify the teaching population to mirror the student population. As an educator, she always considers what’s best for the students in decision making. Her research focuses on teacher identity, multilingual and bilingual education, and Asian American women teachers in Washington. Dr. Julie Kang received her PhD in curriculum and instruction from University of Washington in 2008.

Meg Kaufman  

Meg has nearly 30 years of classroom experience and has taught in a wide variety of special education settings, including early childhood, severe/multiple, medically fragile and mild/moderate classrooms. She currently works as an English Language support teacher, using her knowledge of intervention strategies to help this special population and their teachers. Kaufman is a National Board Certified teacher and has a Masters in both Special Education and teaching English Language Learners. Her current interests include coaching through co-teaching, as well as intervention and assessment practices.

Lily Martin

Lily Martin is a National Board Certified Teacher in English as a New Language, currently serving as a Title III Professional Development Coach in the Multilingual Learners' Department in the Bellevue School District and as part-time faculty in the ELL Endorsement program at Seattle University. She holds her Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington, with ELL and K-8 endorsements, residency certificate in Environment, Education and Community, and a Special Education endorsement from Seattle University.  She has previously worked as a classroom teacher, MLL Facilitator, and taught overseas. 

Maeghan Bowman

Maeghan Bowman has been in the education field for nearly 20 years and has significant experience in intercultural training, teaching of Multilingual Learners, and serving students with limited or interrupted formal education. She is dedicated to teacher and student success by providing quality equitable instruction utilizing the SIOP model and providing meaningful professional development opportunities focused on Culturally Responsive Practices. She holds a Masters in International Education with an emphasis in Peace Education and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Ms. Bowman serves as the Assistant Director of Secondary Multilingual Education for the Auburn School District in Auburn, WA.

Chloe Diamond

Chloe Diamond is an education professional with diverse experience in the K-12 sector, from curriculum development to classroom instruction, research, and evaluation. She received her Master’s in Teaching from the University of Washington in 2014 and her Master of Arts from Teachers College in 2011. She is a teacher for multilingual learners at the NYC Department of Education and facilitates a year-long fellowship to support teachers in understanding trauma-informed care and healing-centered engagement.