"I am proud to be a graduate of the Student Development Administration program at Seattle University. Its emphasis on values development combined with a holistic, student-centered view of student services is unique in the world of student affairs graduate programs. I enthusiastically recommend the program to anyone who is looking for a challenging and fulfilling learning experience." Ana Hernandez Blackstad, '96 Director of Student Advising and Support Services, Cascadia Community College

"The curriculum reflects the faculty's genuine dedication to their students' development - not only as professionals, but also as individuals." - Kirsten Weber, '07

"I knew I wanted to be in higher education administration but I didn't know how to get started. I was fortunate to find the SDA program at Seattle U. and it gave me what I needed to be prepared to enter into the profession. I learned more than just the theory of student development (and I learned a lot about that!)-- I also experienced my own, personal development through internships, mentoring and network building with exceptional colleagues in the classroom and in the field. And while I had a special interest in admissions as a career, I learned about academic advising, student affairs, financial aid, residential life, strategic planning and higher education law, all of which serve me well in my current position. I can't speak highly enough about the SDA program. It was a transformational experience for me." - Brian Miller, '98

 "The thoughtfulness and intentionality of the SDA curriculum prepared me to also be a thoughtful and intentional professional in working with students and in the field of higher education as a whole. The faculty genuinely invested in me and my professional journey and allowed me to make what I wanted and needed out of the experience." - John Paul, '08 Resident Director, University of California Berkeley 

"I was so thankful for my time at Seattle University. I felt as if I experienced what true Jesuit Education was. The faculty and staff really cared about who you were and where you were going. I was also very impressed with the partnership between the Student Development Division and the Student Development Administration program." - Colin Stewart, '08 Director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs, Illinois Wesleyan University

 "I learned so much in the S.U. Student Development Administration program and cannot say enough good things about my time there. The program did an excellent job of equipping me with not only the theory and academic understanding of the Student Affairs field, but also with a practical understanding of higher education policies, practices and governance. The leadership and excellence modeled by the SDA program faculty and alumni, coupled with the authentic care for developing strong personal relationships, put the SDA graduate program in a league all it's own. It's Top Notch!" - Matt Wojciakowski , '06 Student Engagement Coordinator, Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center, Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity, University of Washington

"The SDA program provided me the foundation, knowledge, and skill set necessary to start impactful institutional programs, to serve students with every ounce of my being, to love my job, to challenge myself and my colleagues, and to become a Director then Assistant Vice Chancellor within five years of graduation from the program. I am the professional I am today because of the dedicated mentors, the mission-driven program, the well-rounded curriculum, and the opportunities I was provided at Seattle U." Krissy Mieszcanski Creager, '09 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

"I recently received a letter from myself back in 1994 right before graduating from the Seattle University Student Development Administration program. This letter was the final assignment for the capstone seminar in the program. It is a reflection of all that I had gained from the program and what I thought about the effort. There are some very good nuggets of wisdom in that letter. Most importantly is how well prepared I felt as I was about to graduate and move into a professional role. Surely every program wants to be able to do that for its graduates but I think the SU SDA program exceeds meeting that goal and that was evident in my capstone letter from twenty years ago!" Marta Palmquist Cady, '94 Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities/New Student Orientation, University of Puget Sound

"The SDA program at Seattle U gave me the tools to be a flexible practitioner with the ability to recognize various leadership styles and adapt appropriately. The strategic skills taught in courses, such as Leadership and Governance and the Student Development Capstone have been invaluable in my advising career as I navigate a balance between advocating for students and the role of faculty interest in complex tasks such as curriculum scheduling. I enjoyed my courses and often realize my outlook and critical thinking skills are largely attributed to my experience as a student in the SDA program." Aubrey Robinson Steffans, '02, MBA Program Advisor, University of Washington-Tacoma

"The internship experiences I was able to have in the program (including one abroad) helped to shape my professional philosophy and gave me invaluable skills to use in my future career." Andrew McGeehan, '11, Resident Director, Semester at Sea

"I can't say enough about the SDA program. It was a life changing experience for me! The SDA program not only reinforce my passion for higher education, but also brought to light my potential and ability to be successful in the focus on holistic student development practices within a Jesuit setting was a truly unique way to understand and learn about higher education. The opportunity to reflect and develop on both a personal and professional level provided me the confidence I needed to move forward in my career and feel that I could make a difference in the lives of others." Emily Long, '12, Resident Director, Emerson College

"I appreciate that the SDA program provided enough breadth for me to become a generalist in higher education student development, while also allowing me to create areas of specialization through internships, research and electives. I also think a hallmark of the SDA program is its emphasis on reflection, which has empowered me to ask challenging questions of myself, my colleagues and my institution that lead to progress and enrichment." Lindsey Pierce, '13, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor, Seattle University

"Guiding students through the reflection process is a tool that I learned in the SDA program. I continue to use it today to help my students and me continue to reach our potential." Eric Guico, '11, Director of College Programs, East Bay College Fund

 "As opposed to other student affairs programs that emphasize counseling, leadership, practitioner or faculty-focused preparation, Seattle University's Student Development Administration program is holistic. You get an experience with a component of each and the ability to make it your own with a Jesuit infused curriculum." Dustin Grabsch, '12, Assistant Director, High Impact Learning Initiatives, Texas A&M

"I have joked that because I came from a large, public university I was surprised to receive so much care and attention from the faculty and staff at Seattle University. I didn't realize it when I applied, but later found what made this program special for me was to receive a Jesuit education that is truly holistic and shared my valued in justice, care, service and diversity. I feel with our values of community and service the SDA program has a strong community locally and nationally which has allowed me to stay connected and involved with current students, alumni, and the program." Chanda Ishisaka, '10, Academic Advisor, Chapman University