Faculty and Staff

Photo of Paige Gardner, PhD

Paige Gardner, PhD

PhD, Higher Education, Specialization - Gender Equity and Leadership, Loyola University, Chicago
MEd, Student Development Administration, Seattle University
BA, Child Development, Mills College

Incoming Program Co-Director, Student Development Administration, (SDA)
Assistant Professor, Student Development Administration, (SDA)

Phone: (206) 296-2693

Building/Room: Loyola 304A

Photo of Erin Swezey, MPS, MA

Erin Swezey, MPS, MA

MPS, Pastoral Studies, Seattle University
MA, College Student Personnel Administration, Michigan State University
BS, Human Development, University of California, Davis

Program Director, Student Development Administration (SDA)
Associate Teaching Professor, Student Development Administration (SDA)
Internship Coordinator, Student Development Administration (SDA)

Phone: (206) 296-2354

Building/Room: Loyola 304B

Photo of GG Flint

GG Flint

MEd, Student Development Administration, Seattle University
BS, Business and Economics, North Park University

Senior Program Administrative Assistant
Master in Teaching (MIT), Special Education (SPED), Teacher Education Undergraduate Specialization (EDLS), Student Development Administration (SDA)

Phone: (206) 296-5750

Building/Room: Loyola 506