Inquiry into the Service of Leadership

The Educational Administration (EDAD) program is designed to prepare working professionals aspiring toward roles as principals, executive directors, administrators and instructional leaders across diverse educational systems, public and private. In four quarters, graduates develop a deep understanding of leadership practice and of the systemic inequity built into our educational settings, empowering graduates to become informed catalysts for transformative change.

  • We frontload context & scholarship with a focus on critical theory, educational justice, instructional leadership and community engagement
  • We partner applied learning with reflective practice, self understanding and advanced leadership study
  • We work to build an expanding management toolbox for each emerging leader
  • We operate as a cohort, to establish a model network of professional learning & support

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Program At A Glance

"Seattle University is a great place for any student who wants to go into education and solve the issues head on.  There is a respect for other ethnicities and cultures that are represented in our communities, and so we really understand what it looks like to be culturally responsive.  We understand what other cultures are experiencing in schools, and we really dig deep into why that is actually happening. If you really want to make a change, if you really want to be able to address social justice, if you want to be able to address inclusivity and equity, Seattle University is the place for you to be able to do that, because you're being taught what it looks like to be doing that in practice." -Baionne Coleman Principal, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy


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Ashley Miller

Senior Admissions Counselor
Phone: (206) 296-5774

Genet Yadetta
Genet Yadetta

Senior Program Administrative Assistant
Phone: (206) 296-6139

Ted Kalmus, MPA
Ted Kalmus, MPA

Program Director, Educational Administration (EDAD)
Phone: (206) 296-5798