Professional Education Advisory Boards

The Administrator Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB) meets quarterly at Seattle University. The purpose of the PEAB is to participate in and cooperate with the College of Education on decisions related to the development, implementation, and revision of the Educational Administration program.

2022-2023 Member Roster 

Dr. Louanne Decker
Deputy Superintendent
Auburn School District

Dr. Dana Greenberg
Lake Washington School District

Dr. Fred Rundle
Deputy Superintendent
Mercer Island School District

Justyna King
Assistant Superintendent
Office of Catholic Schools

Sara Mack
Associate Principal
Lake Stevens School District

Jessica Levine
Seattle Public Schools

Larry Tirtilli
Shoreline School District

Dr. Alvin Logan
Director of Education
Burke Museum, University of Washington

Ted Kalmus
Program Director, EDAD
Seattle University

Sarah Mitchell
Assistant Principal
Renton School District

David Watson
Rainer Valley Leadership Academy

Betty Fowler Hannaford
Former Principal
Seattle University College of Education Faculty

Jed Miley
Head of School
Yellowwood Academy

Berna Cristobal
House Administrator
Seattle Public Schools

Char Franz
Director of Whole Child Success
Olympia School District