Academic Forms

Registration Forms

Audit Application
Department Manual Registration Request
Independent Study, Directed Study or Internship Request Form
Registration Change- Petition to the Dean
Withdrawal Request

Major, Minor, Degree and Specialization Forms

Add a Major, Degree, Specialization, or Certificate
Add Minor
Change of Major, Degree, or Specialization
Drop Major, Minor, Degree, Specialization

Transfer Forms

Dual Enrollment Request form
Education Abroad Course Approval
Transfer Verification Request

Graduation and Commencement Forms

Attend Commencement with Deficiencies Request Form
Certificate Completion Application
Graduation Update Notification

Student Update Forms

Address Update - Billing and Parent
Directory Information Removal or Prevention Disclosure
Education Record: Permission to Release
Release of Information
Student Update Form

Student Record Forms

Enrollment Verification Request Form
Grade Report Request
Inspect and Review Educational Records Request

Faculty and Staff Only Forms

Academic Integrity Violation Form
Hardship Withdrawal Consent to Release Records 
Hardship Withdrawal Reinstatement Support
Hardship Withdrawal Request
Late Drop - Petition to the Dean
Late Grade Change - Petition for Exception to Policy
Major Program Substitution - Petition for Exception to Policy
Minor Program Substitution - Petition for Exception to Policy
Modern Language Competency
Past Quarter Add - Petition for Exception to Policy
Past Quarter Drop - Petition for Exception to Policy
Petition for Exception to Policy
Professional Development - Continuing Education Registration
Special Topics Section Information 
Student Leave of Absence 
Military Service Leave of Absence Request

Miscellaneous Forms

Advisor Worksheet - (SU Online)
Credit by Examination Request
Data Requests for Information
Incomplete Grade Form
Reference Letter Request
Special Request Form