Student Information and Address Update

Student Information Update

The Student Update form is used to change/update a student's legal name, preferred first name, gender, social security number (SSN), birthdate, or race/ethnicity. Changes to legal name, SSN, or date of birth require specific documentation as proof that may include one or more of the following, and is indicated for the appropriate item on the form:

  • Passport
  • Marriage License
  • Court Order/Decree
  • Driver's License/State ID Card *(requires Social Security card as a 2nd document)

Processing of a Student Update Form for a gender change does not require documentation.

Student Address Update

Addresses and phone numbers (mailing, local, home, e-mail), as well as emergency contact information, can be updated through my.SeattleU under User Profile.

Billing and Parent/Guardian Addresses

Submit a Address Update - Billing and Parent form to update billing and parent/guardian addresses.