Associate Degree Transfer

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Seattle University recognizes the guidelines of the Intercollege Relations Commission (ICRC) for college-transfer associate degrees from Washington community and technical colleges, commonly called DTA, the direct transfer associate degree. The university grants 90 credits and junior status to admitted students who have completed the DTA. 

Many Washington community and technical colleges offer programs culminating in a degree titled Associate of Science – Transfer (AS-T). The benefits of this degree vary from those of the direct transfer associate degree because the design of the degree does not intend to satisfy a university’s general education plan. Students awarded an Associate of Science, Track I or Track II, may be admitted with 90 credits in transfer and junior status. The 15 credits in humanities and social science courses selected by these students to satisfy general education AS-T degree requirements at the community and technical college will be considered equivalent to Seattle University UCOR requirements using the broadest possible guidelines. Students transferring with the AS-T will need to complete additional UCOR courses to meet Seattle University’s graduation requirements. Students should consult with their respective college/department advisor on minimum transferable grade requirements when transferring with the AS-T.

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Students earning approved degrees outside Washington State prior to starting classes at Seattle University (matriculation) will receive the same benefits as students earning a DTA in Washington State. 

Students who transfer from California community colleges and complete an Associate of Arts degree as well as the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) track. 

Students who transfer from Oregon community colleges and have earned the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AA/OT). 

Students who transfer from Arizona community colleges and have earned the Associate of Arts as well as the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC-A) track. 


Credit may be granted for satisfactory completion of subject examinations given by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). Credit will not be granted by Seattle University for the General Examinations regardless of the scoring level except when used in a transferable Associate of Arts degree from a Washington State community or technical college. 

Credit will be granted only upon receipt of official test results from the College Entrance Examination Board and cannot be transferred from another school's record except when used in a Washington State community or technical college transferable Associate of Arts degree (DTA). 

Credit for CLEP/DANTES may not exceed 45 credits. 

Policy: CLEP - DANTES (75-17)

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