Audit Courses

The option to audit a course is available for students who wish to take a course for content only. No credit is issued for the course; audited courses will not count towards any degree requirements. You will receive a “Y” grade on your transcript which does not affect your grade point average. Graduate courses, lab courses, independent study courses, and courses which require one-on-one instruction are generally not available for audit. The level of participation permitted or expected by auditors is determined by each instructor.

Current Students

To audit a course, choose the 'AU-Audit' option when you register for the course on SUOnline. See tuition and fees on the website to determine the cost of auditing a course.

Alumni Audit

With instructor and department permission, Seattle University alumni may audit most undergraduate lecture courses. Alumni will not receive credit or grades for audited course. To register for a course, or for more information about alumni audit, contact our Alumni office. 


Elder Audit

With instructor and department permission, non-students and non-alumni aged 60 and above may audit most undergraduate lecture courses. Auditors participating in the Elder Audit program should download and complete the Audit Application. Auditors should return the completed form and a check payment for $35 per course to the Office of the Registrar in the University Services Building.