Commencement with Deficiencies

Seattle University holds one undergraduate and one graduate commencement ceremony each year in mid-June. Whether you would like to attend commencement or not, you must complete the Graduation Application form on MySeattleU for the term you expect to complete your requirements. Students are eligible to participate in commencement regardless of graduation term if they meet the requirements outlined below: 

If you have completed your Application to Graduate by the November 1 deadline, an audit of your progress towards graduation will be done after spring quarter registration. You and your advisor will be notified if it is determined that you do not meet the conditions for participation in commencement. At this time, you may choose to request an exception to policy by completing the Attend Commencement with Deficiencies Request (e-form) by April 15. The Registrar's Office will review your petition and make a determination. You will be notified by May 1. 

Once you have participated in commencement with deficiencies, you are not eligible to participate in commencement again. Your degree(s) will not be posted and diploma will not be mailed until you complete your degree requirements. 

For more information, view the Commencement with Deficiencies (83-1) policy under Academic Policies on the Registrar's web site.