Drop and Withdraw Courses

To Drop a Course

Dropping a course using Student Planning

  • Log in to MySeattleU and select Student Planning
  • Select Go to Plan & Schedule 
  • Courses you are enrolled in will appear on the left-hand side. Select the Accept Terms & Drop/Withdraw button located below the course you wish to drop
  • Confirm the class(es) you want to drop and choose a reason from the drop-down box

To Withdraw From a Course

Review the Academic & Important Dates calendar to review the deadlines for withdrawing from courses and your eligibility for a partial refund of your tuition. An official withdrawal from a course results in a “W” grade being assigned to your transcript. The “W” has no effect on your grade point average. If the course is required for your degree however, the “W” does count as an attempted course; you are limited to 2 repeats of an attempted course.

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Non-matriculated Withdrawal

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and non-matriculate students may withdraw from course(s) using MySeattleU Student Planning. For instruction on how to withdraw from a course please visit Course Withdrawal.

Athletes and International Students Withdrawal 

  • Athletes and international students will use the Withdrawal Request to withdraw after the add/drop deadline from courses for the current quarter. 

Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning

 To completely withdraw from Seattle University, please submit a Withdrawal Request. The Withdrawal Request can be emailed to the registrar@seattleu.edu

Withdraw Refund

You may receive a percent of your tuition back based on the official date of withdrawal. The official date of withdrawal is the date of the first signature by any official of the University, or the last date of attendance as verified by the instructor, whichever is earlier or the date our office receives your form if there isn’t need for a university signature or no professors signed your form. Refund dates can be found on the Important Dates calendar on the Registrar's web site.

To Request a Hardship Withdrawal

A Hardship Withdrawal Request request allows a student to withdraw from a class due to a hardship that no longer allows them to be a successful student in that class.

A Hardship Withdrawal Consent to Release Records  request allows a student's records to be released, as well as allowing a health care specialist (student's physician, nurse, etc.) to support the students request for a hardship withdrawal.

In certain cases of hardship withdrawal for personal medical reasons, the student must apply for reinstatement to the university using the Hardship Withdrawal Reinstatement Support form.

Please see your advisor, major department office, or Dean's Office of your school or college for information on seeking a Hardship Withdrawal and/or submitting the  form.

Student Leave of Absence

Student Leave of Absence is a form of withdrawal that encourages proactive management of a student’s temporary departure in order for a student to be successful academically at Seattle University. Please see your advisor, department's office, or Dean's Office of your school or college for information on seeking a Student Leave of Absence.