Roster Checks

The Roster Check process is necessary in order to ensure that our University census data is accurately reported. In addition, any registration errors can be corrected in a timely fashion, thereby preventing unnecessary student billing and financial aid issues later in the term or academic year.

Class Rosters on SU Online

  1. Select a term
  2. Select a course section 

Students are displayed for the selected course section, along with SU e-mail addresses, total number of credits, and program of study.

Faculty can also use the e-mail links on the rosters' web page. These links produce a pre-filled e-mail with the recipient(s) e-mail addresses. You can choose to modify the recipient list, change the subject or body of the e-mail, or delete the e-mail.  You can send e-mail messages to the following:

  • a student in the course (click on the student's e-mail address)
  • all students in the course (click on e-mail all students on the roster)
  • the Bellarmine Advising Center (click on "Student Performance Evaluation")
  • the Registrar (click on "I have changes…" or "I have no changes to the class roster")

Submitting 10th Day Class Rosters

  1. Access SU Online
  2. Select Access Faculty Menu
  3. Select Class Roster under “Faculty Information” on the left side of the screen
  4. Submit your roster information
  • Please submit a roster check for internships and independent study courses.
  • Please submit a roster check if everyone is attending and there are no changes.
  • For cross-listed course, be sure to select the "include cross-listed" button when selecting the course roster to open.
  • The primary instructor will receive an email confirmation in your SU email account when your roster has been received.  The email will be from "Datatel."
  • If you submit a student, not on your roster, the Office of the Registrar will contact the student to help them initiate a Petition to the Dean for a Late Add.
  • When a student is reported as not attending, they are administratively withdrawn from the course; they will receive a "W" grade and their tuition refund will be based on the date you submit the roster check.
  • If a student on your roster has never attended class, or stopped attending before the last day to add/drop AND has not made prior arrangements with you to miss class, you should report them as not attending.  Please do not report students as not attending if they have made prior arrangements with you. Late Date of Attendance.
  • If your class starts after the last day to add/drop, please notify your associate dean that you will be submitting your roster check late.  Wait until after the first day of your class to submit your roster.