Office of the Registrar Staff Contacts

Our Core Values

The Office of the Registrar values service excellence through an inclusive, respectful environment with integrity and a commitment to students’ success and self-sufficiency. 

The Office of the Registrar values a team approach that is respectful, motivating, open-minded and engages our passion for our students.

The Office of the Registrar values a high standard in our quality of work which includes embracing innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving.


Office of the Registrar

Phone: 206.220.8030
Fax: 206.296.2443

Vi Hilbert Hall, 2nd Floor

Photo of Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson

University Registrar

Phone: 206-220-8030

The Registrar bears the ultimate responsibility for the operation and functioning of the University Registrar Office. This includes, but is not limited to employee and budget management, annual planning, representation on University committees and task forces. Additionally, the Registrar is responsible for understanding and applying legal and governmental regulations, such as FERPA, as they apply to student records and academic policies.

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Associate Registrar - Curriculum

Phone: 206-220-8030

The Associate Registrar - Curriculum Operations is responsible for transfer evaluation processes as well as degree audit processes, maintenance and procedures. The Associate Registrar - Curriculum supervises a staff of student Academic Specialists and understands and applies FERPA standards and can clarify FERPA to the broader University community.  This role also provides commencement program and day of event leadership.

Photo of Kevin S. Wells

Kevin S. Wells

Associate Registrar - Systems

Phone: 206-296-5806

Building/Room: 104F

The Associate Registrar - Systems serves under the Office of the Registrar and provides analysis and functional support of the student information system (Ellucian Colleague) and other integrated systems used by the Office of the Registrar.  The Associate Registrar - Systems works closely with Information Technology Services and administrators and staff from other enrollment services and academic services offices. 

Photo of Lorena Toledo-Eastey

Lorena Toledo-Eastey

Associate Registrar- Operations

Phone: 206.296.6293

The Associate Registrar - Operations is responsible for overseeing the process of all incoming documents for the Office of the Registrar. The Associate Registrar - Operations role supervises a team of Customer Service specialists and Data Processors.

Photo of Jaeda Ballard

Jaeda Ballard

Registration Representative

Phone: 206.296.6084

The Registration Representative processes all current quarter withdrawals, petitions related to registration, independent study and internship requests, hardship withdrawals, and manages all faculty roster check follow-up activity.

Photo of Lynne Gould

Lynne Gould

Academic Records Specialist

Phone: 206.296.6219

The Academic Records Specialist manages transcript requests, diplomas, and enrollment verifications for undergraduate and graduate students (except Law School students). This role also maintains permanent record organization and filing for the Office of the Registrar.

Photo of Katie Grothe

Katie Grothe

General Academic Specialist

Phone: 206.296.6414

The General Academic Specialist serves as a policy expert and resource for students and faculty regarding academic requirements for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Additionally, the General Academic Specialist processes requests for exception to policy, manages & updates the online University catalog, and updates and maintains transfer guides.

Photo of Anneliese Irby

Anneliese Irby

Scheduling & Course Information Specialist

Phone: 206-296-5855

The Scheduling and Course Information Specialist manages the Quarterly Schedule of Classes, which includes working with faculty to develop the schedule for days, times and room assignments.

Photo of Cham Nguyen

Cham Nguyen

Academic Specialist

Phone: 206.296.5857

The Academic Specialist staff serve as policy experts and resources for students and faculty regarding academic requirements for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Additionally, Specialists process requests for change of majors, declaration of minors, and evaluate applications for graduation.

The Specialist is available for student appointments during regular business hours, Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., as well as via e-mail or phone. Appointment times are scheduled through your Specialist. 

Photo of Deborah Phillips

Deborah Phillips

Data Processor

Phone: 206.296.6294

The Data Processor provides technical information management and reporting support to the Office of the Registrar.

Photo of Jenna Sanders

Jenna Sanders

VA and Athletics Certifying Official

Phone: 206.296.5871

The VA and Athletics Certifying Official works closely with Athletics staff to monitor the academic performance of athletes and ensure continues athletic eligibility.  The Certifying Official also monitors and reports quarterly certifications to the Veterans Administration for students receiving VA benefits.

Photo of Cristina Simental

Cristina Simental

Communications Representative

Phone: 206.296.5854

The Communications Representative maintains the Office of the Registrar website, processes various forms and letters, and serves as back up for the Academic Records Specialists. The Communication Representative oversees the Redhawk Service Center, Office of the Registrar desk and supervises student workers who provide assistance to students through Redhawk Service Center.